Sunday, August 18, 2013

Are You Teaching T.K. This Year?

Find Out What In The World T.K. Is!

Just to keep this blog post from getting too boring, I have placed a few photos of my classroom here and there.  They have nothing to do with the blog post.  Just thought you would like them.  After all, what is a post without pix?  :oD
Here is your 1st picture:  Slappin' Sight Words!

What is T.K.?

Here in California, we are easing into a new age requirement for starting kindergarten.  Like 48 of the other 50 states, children will have to be 5 years old by Sept. 2 to begin kindergarten.  In the past, students could begin kindergarten at 4 years old if they turned 5 by Dec. 1.

Here is a photo of our home center; just to add a little color to this post.
So...  students who would have started kindergarten under the old regulations may attend Transitional Kindergarten and that is what I'm teaching this year :)

So, What's The Problem?

So, here is the problem...  one you are probably having if you taught kindergarten last year and are teaching transitional kindergarten this year:  EVERYTHING has to be DIFFERENT!!!
Class books.  Each child contributes one page.  I numbereach page with their student number and add a class list inside the front cover as a Table of Contents.  

What's the Solution?

So, I have been busy searching TPT for new and different activities and projects to teach letter names and sounds, number recognition, etc.  And, I have been busy making some new things that can work in pre-K, TK, or K!

Here are two of my newest creations:
Color Books
Our "Color Books" pack includes 11 class books to make with your entire class; each child creating one page for each class book.  It also includes an individual book for each child to make that is completely different from the other books and provides lots of opportunities to practice name writing.
You can find my Color Books by clicking here or on the image.  
Once you get to my TPT store, download the "preview" so you can really see the pages. 

The individual book is based on the story Mary Wore Her Red Dress and I adapted it to work for either gender.  (I took out the dress and made a few other changes.)  It covers all of the colors: red, blue, yellow, green, orange, purple, brown, white, gray, black, and pink and describes clothing of each color, except for pink.  On that page, the text reads, "_________ drank pink lemonade all day long.  :)

Click the image.
I think you'll like this pack of Color Books. 

My next new product is "I'm Ready For TK" and it is loosely based on Mrs. Bindergarten...
In the directions, you will find an activity to complete on each page.
For example, on the page that says, "I'm ready to cut with scissors" students cut strips of colored construction paper and glue them to the frame on this page.  There are 7 pages to go with 7 activities.  
Click the image.
I like to have my students complete 1 or 2 pages each day.  Then, I place the completed books into their cubbies for Back-To-School-Night for their parents to take home.

I'll be making more products for TK, but if you don't have a TK at your school, most of the products can be used in pre-school or a regular kindergarten classroom, especially with your remedial students.

My TK Classroom, well half of it.  :)
And...  EVERYTHING in my TPT store is on sale for 20% off, plus use code BTS13 to receive and additional 10% off bringing your savings to 28% off.  The sale runs through Monday, Aug. 19, but it's over at midnight Monday night.

So... let me know if you are teaching T.K. this year.

Have FUN shopping and keeping the FUN in the FUNdamentals!  :)


  1. I am teaching TK to 1 possibly 2 students in a class of 17 Kinders. Oh and without any aid/support... Not sure how this will take place/look like but will be visiting your blog often as I have been a fan of both of you for the past few years (after sitting in a presentation at the CKA conference). Have a great year!

  2. Good luck to you, Silvakinder. You can do it! We both love the CKA (PK1) Conference and will be back again this year. Let me know if you EVER have any questions or concerns about TK. I did a full day T.K. presentation for my district 2 weeks ago. Wishing you a wonderful year!
    Palma :)

  3. And... check out my T.K. Pinterest board here:

  4. Teaching TK for the second year...30 students, no aide, it's a little bit of chaos in the beginning, but I love it! I meet parents tonight, kiddos tomorrow, and then we are off and running Wednesday morning. I think TK might be the best thing to happen to Kindergarten in a long, long time! Thanks for providing great materials...heading off to TPT now!

  5. Have a GREAT first day, Mamalips! I agree, TK is wonderful. I wish we could just call it "Developmental Kindergarten" and that they would allow us to move kids from TK to K as needed. Wouldn't THAT be great??? Have a great TK year. Let me know if I can help in any way.
    Palma :)

  6. TK sounds fun! I wish I had a chance to try it!
    I am confused about the 28%. How does 20% plus 10% add up to 28%? And thanks for solving the mystery of why so many sellers are offering 28% off! It seems like such a random number, ha ha!

  7. Hi Heidi,
    Here is how the 28% figures:
    Let's say you buy something for $10. Take 20% off , which is $2, and you are left with $8. Right?
    Then, when you take an additional 10% off it is coming off of the $8, not the $10. 10% off of $8 = 80 cents.
    So, your total discount was $2.80 which is 28% of $10.
    And, if two trains are traveling in opposite directions.... oh, wait, that's another word problem! :oD
    Palma :)