Saturday, May 25, 2013

Open House Part III, It's A Trilogy :)

Here are some more photos of my Open House Tour.

Career Writing:   I took photos of the kids dressed like what
they will look like when they go to work in the future.  
 "When I Grow Up" bulletin board.  Parents loved this!  Click on the photo or here for the template.

Life Cycle of a Butterfly in pasta.
Being Italian, I can teach almost anything with pasta!  :oD  Here is the life cycle of a butterfly represented in different types of pasta.

The eggs:  pastina (Found in major grocery stores or small Italian grocery stores.  If you can't find it, you can use orzo style pasta which is also small and looks like long, pointy rice.)
The caterpillar:  We painted curly pasta with green acrylic paint.
The chrysalis:  Small shell pasta painted brown with acrylic paint.
The butterfly:  Bow tie pasta painted orange with acrylic paint.  Add dots with White Out.

The front of the room:  I like to use a seasonal piece of fabric on the front table.  
Laptop & digital camera hooked up to a SMART board.
 CD player, calendar, shape apron, bucket of pointers and a magnetic board are all essential:
The front of our room; always a bit messy.

This is what I have on my magnetic board.  I post the sequence of directions for our table work with magnetic clips.  Red clip first, next green, then purple, and last blue.
Below each action card I place a sample of the work to be done in the order it is to be done.  
We call this "Our Order Of Operations!"
What should I do first?  This is our "Order of Operations!"

Here is a closer look at the keyboard center that
I blogged about yesterday.
"We are the music makers.  We are the dreamers of dreams."
Willie Wonka

Here is another view of the library center that I blogged
about yesterday.  I got this furniture free with my
Scholastic Book Club points.  

Our writing center includes the names of each students printed on a list with a photo of each child by his/her name.  The lists are kept in page protectors and are attached to a metal ring.
Students write seasonal post cards to individual students in the class:
Our Writing Center.

See you tomorrow!
Palma :)


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