Friday, April 13, 2018

Spaghetti & Meatball Sight Words + a Sight Word FREEBIE

This Really Happened: (I can't make this stuff up!)

My class won the PTA membership drive for our grade level and the prize was a huge bag of Dum-Dum lollipops. Well, I decided to replace them with organic blueberries and so I was left with a bag of Dum-Dums.  So, when I spotted the rubber bands in the workroom, I got this cool idea...

1.  I grabbed a big handful of rubber bands, snipped them open with scissors, and placed them in the small colander I had in my home center.  (You can use a small bowl or pot.)
2.  Then, I unwrapped the Dum-Dums, cut off the sticks, and covered them with little torn pieces of brown tissue paper applied with Mod Podge.  (You could use white glue and 1" wooden or plastic beads.)
3.  I printed up 2 copies of each of our rightwards (we had 18) and I cut them out. I used more Mod Podge to apply the sight words so each word was on 2 meatballs. I coated them all again with Mod Podge and let them dry overnight.
4.  The next day, I showed my class how to use the tongs to pick up one meatball, read the word, and try to find the matching meatball without letting too much spaghetti out of the colander.  You get to keep the meatballs you can read & match in your own little bowl.
5.  Add a couple of chef hats & a red checkered table cloth and you have a fun restaurant center to use in your home center.
6.  The winner is the one who reads the most sight words.  If there is a tie, the one with the least amount of spaghetti in their bowl wins.

Also:  Students can try to copy the sight words they find.

(I saw the original idea on Pinterest made with string and flat construction paper meatballs.  Being Italian, I knew this just would not do!  Besides, round meatballs gives them a chance to identify spheres, one of the K math standards.)

Skills:  Sight words, identifying the shape of spheres, letter formation, and fine motor practice all in one fun center!  :)

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