Sunday, April 15, 2018

Perfect for Teaching American National Symbols or...

... Memorial Day, Flag Day, or Veteran's Day! `

These were done by my TK students, so they wrote only one sentence. 

This is the time of year we like to teach about our national symbols.

For a culminating activity for my National Symbols unit (and a way to incorporate opinion writing), I ask the children to tell me their favorite nation symbol and why they like it. This is done in a small group setting with about 5 students at a time. I give each student a flag template page

 As they illustrate their favorite national symbol in the small rectangle portion of the flag template (where the stars would go), I help one of the students to  write the sentence: I like the _________.
Click the image.

They write on the the lines that have the dash line down the middle. I continue to help each student and then return to the first student and ask, "Why do you like that symbol." 
Click the image.
Again, I help each child to compose their sentence while the others continue to illustrate their favorite symbol and fill in the background of the small rectangle by using the sides of peeled and broken blue crayons. 
Click the image.
They also color the empty lines between their writing with the side of a broken red crayon. (I have been known to do this part for them after school.) 
This one was done by a kindergarten student.A 2nd sentence was added to explain why they liked this symbol.This was part of our opinion writing experience. 
This helps to make the writing page look like a flag from afar.
Click the image. 

I mount the pages on red, white, and blue construction paper for a dynamic bulletin board.

Click the image to grab your flag template which comes with two different sizes of lines. 
You can find the American Flag Template by CLICKING HERE.
Click the image. 
Here are some samples we displayed at a local conference. 
Click the image.
Click the image. 

We also crated the portraits of Abraham Lincoln. The children drew these with Kid Pix on the computer.  Then, they dictated their favorite fact about Lincoln. The most popular fact was that he had big ears!  Can you tell by looking at these drawings?  :oD

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