Monday, May 9, 2016

The Cutest Kindergarten Graduation Song EVER! (Great for pre-school or TK graduation too!)

Turn these colorful pages into a Big Book...

... and easily teach your students this fun, upbeat song!


Just print the pages, glue them to colored construction paper, bind at the bottom (this helps you turn the pages quickly as it allows gravity to assist you as you just drop each page), and start singing!
Click the image.

Click the image
I downloaded an instrumental version of "It's a Small World" from iTunes to go along with this song. 
Click the image.
By changing the sentence "We will soon be in 1st grade!" to "We will soon be in kindergarten!" you can use this for your pre-school or transitional kindergarten graduation song!

My students loved singing this song and their parents told me how often they sang it at home too. I even had one new student who entered my classroom on the first day of kindergarten singing this song because he heard his brother singing it all summer long!

You can download the words on cute framed pages 


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