Monday, May 16, 2016

Multi-Tasking Made Easy!

What A GREAT Idea!

Our days are so busy and it's so hard to fit everything in, but this is one GREAT way to get inspire and expand our minds and our teaching.
Less stress by using your time more efficiently! :)
So the next time you find yourself driving to work, 

getting dressed, 

or even cooking dinner, 
tune in and get ready to expand your mind, develop professionally, and learn a thing or two.

I'm Talking About Podcasts:
Kindergarten Kiosk has a series of educational podcasts that are perfect to listen to while driving to work, getting dressed in the morning, or even while cooking dinner. Whenever you have an extra moment, tune in!

My Podcast:
I was so excited to be featured on a podcast about GUIDED READING last week. And I was so nervous that you will have to excuse all of my ummmms! 

Lyndsey Jarman hosts wonderful podcasts on all kinds of topics that K-2nd grade teachers would be interested in. And now they are part of the Education Podcast Network!

You can catch my cast by CLICKING HERE.

In this podcast, I talk about 
-a simple 5-day plan for teaching Guided Reading
-logistics of meeting with small groups
-classroom management
-my favorite teaching tools & techniques

Here are the links to my original blogpost about Guided Reading AND
to the products & FREEBIES mentioned in the podcast. 

Guided Reading post:

Alphabet Pin Cards:

Letter & Number Formation Cards:

Sight Word Pocket Lockets:

iPhone templates from Dragonflies in First:

Reading Strategy posters from Mrs. Ricca’s Kindergarten:

Writing Prompts on TpT:

American Flag Writing template:

Career Writing template:

Instant Writing set:

Post on how to get EVERY student writing:

ESGI:   (use discount code: KFUN )

The best thing about these podcasts is that they are short, casual, and the topics are current. It's a great way to get inspired, motivated, and encouraged! Professional development without taking time from yourself or your family. It's the best way I have found to multi-task without burn-out! So enjoy!

You can find more of Lyndsey's podcasts by visiting Kindergarten Kiosk and clicking on the PODCAST tab or just CLICK HERE


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