Friday, January 15, 2016

This is the PERFECT Time of Year To...

... get inspired, motivated, and excited about teaching!

And what better way to do that than to attend a conference?
I have several exciting conferences coming up. Will one of them be in your state?
Check out the line up at the Conference for Oklahoma Kindergarten Teachers Feb. 1-2:

It is sure to be one of the BEST conferences of the year!
When you attend a conference, you get to 
see, touch, and photograph 
so many great ideas!

This is the perfect time to find the inspiration you need to finish out this school year with a bang.
Discover new ideas, projects, and techniques that will get your students where they need to be in no time! 

So, what are you waiting for?

Attend one of these conference and you will start your day off with a big spoonful of motivation, a pinch of inspiration, and a handful or two of laughs and giggles as you attend sessions and "Make & Take" workshops with some of the most energetic speakers. They will make you think, laugh, and inspire you to make the rest of this school year your best one ever. You will leave with a smile on your face and the recipe that will empower you to make a difference in this changing world one child at a time!

Join me at one of the following conferences:

I will be in Santa Clara, CA at the PK1 conference THIS WEEKEND, Jan. 15-18.
CLICK the image for more information. (They take "walk-ins")
Click the image to get more info.

From Feb. 1 - 2, I'll be in Norman, Oklahoma at the Pre-Kindergarten Teachers'  Conference:

Click the image for more info.

And I'll also be at the Kindergarten Conference:
Click the image for more info.

After Oklahoma, I'm off to Austin, Texas for The Kindergarten Conference and The Pre-K Conference Feb. 22-23.  CLICK the images for more info.
Then, Feb. 29 (Did you know this year was a leap year?) and March 1 I'll be in
Madison, Wisconsin for their Kindergarten Conference.  CLICK the image for more info.

Click the image for more info.

I'll return to Pasadena, CA just in time for the So CA Kindergarten Conference March 4-5.  CLICK the image for more info.

Click the image for more info.

On April 7-8 I'll be in Hamilton, Ontario. That's in Canada! I better dust off my passport! CLICK the image for more info about The Ontario Full Day Kindergarten Conference
I'm super excited to be presenting in Orlando, FL, June 29 - July 1 at the SDE National Conference: Reading, Writing, Math, & More.  CLICK HERE for more info. 

And also the National I Teach 1st Conference in Las Vegas, NV July 18-22!  CLICK HERE for more info. 

So many conferences to choose from!
Let me know if you'll be at one of them. 
I'll post more in a few weeks. 

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