Wednesday, July 15, 2015

It's Almost August! Time to Get ORGANIZED:

Celebrate a different color every Friday: 

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Organize your calendar to celebrate one color each week. Here are some great calendar cards for your calendar pocket chart.
Click the image above.
Use these calendar cards to mark your special "Color Celebration Days" on your class calendar.
Click the image above.

Copy them on white card stock, laminate them, and they will last for years.

Celebrate a color each week:

We celebrate a different color every Friday for 11 weeks. This is what we do:

Red Week: Wear red, taste strawberries, make a Clifford paper bag puppet.

Blue Week: Wear blue, taste blueberries, Listen to the story Blue On Blue, by Dianne White.

Click the book cover.

Yellow Week: Wear yellow, make lemonade with real lemons, make yellow crowns to wear home.
Each child got to squeeze 1/2 of a lemon, + water & a bit of sugar.

Green Week: Wear green, taste green grapes, make green paint with blue & yellow in a zipper bag, 
                      (Read Little Blue, Little Yellow.)
Squirt a bit of yellow & blue in the 2 bottom corners & seal. Let the kids do the mixing.

Orange Week: Wear orange, make orange juice from real oranges, paint 5 orange pumpkins on a  
Each child got to squeeze one orange and drink their own juice.
We sliced a pool noodle, dipped it in orange paint, & stamped 5 pumpkins on a fence.
When they dried, we added faces made from black construction paper scraps.

Purple week: Wear purple, make purple slime, make the mini book "The Tale of the Purple Mouse".
Click the image.

Click the image

Click the image.

Brown Week: Wear brown, make bear biscuits, bring your bear to school for a Teddy Bear Picnic.

Click the image to get the download for the directions to make these Cinnamon Bears.

Black Week: Wear black (we always look so elegant on that day), taste raisins, draw with charcoal 

White Week: Wear white, taste jicama, make white ghosts.

Pink Week: Wear something pink (even if it has just a dot of pink in it), taste pink watermelon, write our names with hot pink markers on all of our work on that day!

Here is a Freebie to culminate our unit:
Click the image to grab you FREEBIE.
So, What do you do when teaching about colors?
Let us know in the comments.

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