Tuesday, July 14, 2015

I Scoped In Periscope!

Have you tried Periscope yet?

It's a FREE app that lets you create a live video while your watchers interact with you. They can text you and you will see it right on the screen, unless you are like me and are too nervous to notice the text on the screen!
Search for "Palma's Favorite Things From KFUNdamentals" in Periscope.

They can also send you little hearts which means they 
like what you're saying and you earn points for them. 

I talked about my favorite tutu apron from Kinder-gardening.
CLICK HERE to see her selection. 
Tutu aprons are coming soon.)
She makes the interactive lesson cards too!

I also talked about Sit Spots (from and ESGI. I gave out my $40 off code (B2174) which anyone can use on their 1st year, but you can grab the 60 day FREE trial right now at 

You should give it a try! It's fun, it's easy, and you can get a lot of info out there "live" while it's happening. 

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