Saturday, March 15, 2014

Oh, The Things You Can Do...

... With SitSpots:

I keep finding more great ways to organize my color-coded classroom.  Here is another way to use these great little SitSpots.

There are 5 tables in my classroom and each one has a color. 
So, at the Red Table everyTHING is red, the scissors, the marking pens, the laminated place mats, and the supply containers.

EveryTHING at the Orange Table is orange, the Green Table has green things, the Blue Table has blue things, and the Purple Table has purple things!

The Blue Table has blue laminated placemats, blue scissors, blue pens, & blue containers.

Today, the purple table group will go to Purple Centers 
because their color sign is purple:
These are the supplies from the Purple Table.
The small, rectangular purple box has blue background crayons in it (peeled, broken blue crayons) and the container on the far right has a cube-shaped sponge inside topped with a little water and white glue for gluing small pieces.

The purple table also gets a purple can filled with colored pencils.  
I didn't have enough purple marking pens, so I used black ones at this table.  
Can you spot the pair of scissors that does NOT belong at the purple table?  
Crayons are organized in popsicle containers.

Why color code table supplies?  
Well, if I find a pen or a pair of scissors on the carpet, 
I know exactly which table it came from!  
No more counting pens and scissors, right?

The Red Table has Red supplies & will visit Green Centers today.
The Orange Table has Orange supplies & will visit Blue Centers today.
I know it sounds complicated, but the kids get it on the first day!

And Here Is The BEST PART:

Students at these colored tables are grouped heterogeneously, so there is a mixture of high, average, low, E.O,  E.L.L., & genders at each table.  So, when I call my homogeneous groups up to meet with me at the horseshoe table, one students comes from each of the 5 colored tables.

So, if I'm meeting with my high group, I call up 1 student from the red table, 1 from the orange table, 1 from the green table, 1 from the blue table, and 1 from the purple table.  That group has a shape name, so all I have to say is, "Circle group meets with me now," and 1 student from each table comes to the horseshoe table.  (I named the lowest group The Rectangles because that is the hardest shape for my students to identify, so the lowest group gets to use that shape name more than the other students.)

Now, each student in the Circle group comes to the horseshoe table, but where do they sit?  Well, I have color-coded their spot at the horseshoe table with a Sit Spot Star below their chair and a matching colored placemat and colored cup of supplies.  Oh, and yes, those are two Easy Buttons on the table.  One in English and one in Spanish.  If the work was easy, you may press one of the Easy Buttons.  :)

Colored stars are under each child's chair.  They get a matching place mat and a matching cup filled with little dry erase
pens and an eraser so they can write on the lined dry erase paper on their placemat.

So, are you lovin' these SitSpot yet?

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Just look at all of the cool shapes & colors these come in.
Thanks for dropping by.
See you all tomorrow.
Palma :)


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    1. Thank you, Jenni. I plan to get lots more SitSpots, remove my dirty rainbow rug, and lay out rainbow SitSpots in that new Common Core hexagon shape. :)

  2. Thanks for sharing your great ideas. I hope to get some of these.