Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas Prep & a 50% OFF Revolving SALE Just For You!

Christmas Preparations At My House:

We made homemade lasagna, traditional Italian stuffed breads (like huge calzones), deep-dish pizzas, little mince pies & potato bread for my Irish husband, and canolli chips with canolli cream dip.  
When cooking Italian, you can't have enough garlic.

For my Irish husband, potato bread shaped like holly.

4-layer lasagna. 

Whole wheat, organic flour is ready for making the breads.

My daughter rolling out the bread dough so we can fill it with all sorts of yummy stuff.

After you roll the dough, you have to add shortening and roll them up.
After they rise, we will roll them out again, fill them, and bake them.

Time for a break!  :)

Mother & daughter selfie.  Stuffed breads are made.  They are called scaccia and they
originated in Ragusa on the island of Sicily.  You can still find them there in the bakeries.
Making homemade canolli.  We don't make the tubes.  We cut the dough into triangles, fry them, and serve them
with the canolli filling in a bowl like a dip.  A little powdered sugar on the chips looks like snow.  
I'll use the butter knives I stamped.  Time to "spread" joy, love, peace, hope, and cheer!

These were so much fun to make with my metal alphabet stamps.  


One little teacher tree & one fly fishing tree.

The stockings were hung by the chimney with care...

Hall decorations

Bathroom decorations

More bathroom decorations

Hallmark collections:  Angels and houses.

I call my advent tree my "coping board" because it shows how many more days until my kids come home for Christmas!

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Kitchen decorations

What I'm doing on Christmas Eve:

Now it's time to clean up the mess we made cooking and enjoy our Christmas Eve guests.  I'm expecting about 25 guests for dinner.  Santa will make an appearance at our house too.

If you are following the reindeer on, check them out at 5:00 PM Pacific Time to see Santa take off in his sleigh.  

I'm looking forward to sharing all of the food we made with my 25 guests tonight.  

My Christmas Gift To You:

If you want to have a fun activity for any little guests you happen to have at your house for the holidays, I am discounting our Christmas Counting Book and our Ready-made calendar templates for a few days.  Click the images to see the 50% discounts:

Ready-made calendar templates for the rest of this school year.  
You get blank calendars or...
dotted and solid dates 

I'll post more discounts over the winter break, so come back and check out the new discounts!

Wishing all of my followers a blessed Christmas and a healthy and happy 2014!
See you all tomorrow!
Well, maybe not tomorrow, but soon!
Palma :)


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