Saturday, June 22, 2013

Don't Miss This...

... one-day conference on Saturday, October 5:

Sarah and I will be presenting a "Make & Take" session at this conference on teaching the Common Core Math skills.  You will leave with so many new ideas and hands-on materials that you can use Monday morning!

We are presenting in Orange County.  Heidi Butkus, from Heidi's songs, will present the morning on English Language Arts and we will present the afternoon on hands-on math skills that promise to "Keep the FUN in the FUNdamentals!"  Both sessions will be upbeat, interactive, and tons of fun!

Read all about it HERE.

You can register by clicking here.


  1. I'm excited to present with you guys! I can't wait to see your workshop, too!
    And by the way, you posted that blog post at 1:54 AM????
    Heidi Butkus

  2. We are super excited to present with you too, Heidi! Our attendees are in for a treat: Singing and learning so many amazing songs & activities from you all morning and an awesome "Make & Take" for Math Common Core with us! Can't wait!
    Oh, and 1:54 AM is my norm! :oD