Monday, March 25, 2013

A Gift For Your School Office

                         This is a beautiful addition to any school office.
                    (Administrator Assistant Day is coming up on April 24.)

Just get yourself a picture frame with glass.  It can be sleek and modern, or ornate and elegant.
Remove the back and cut a piece of cardboard or chipboard to fit inside the frame.
Spray the chipboard with chalkboard paint.  (Available at Home Depot or Lowes.)
Allow it to dry for at least two days.
Carefully, write your message with white chalk; the school name, the principal's name, the office manager's name, or make one for a teacher at your school and write her name on it.
Re-assemble the frame with the glass to protect the writing.
Wrap it all up with clear cellophane and ribbon for a beautiful presentation.


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