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Sum Spiders = Kindergarten Halloween FUN!

Have you seen this??? 

Create Kindergarten Halloween FUN with:
                           "Sum Spiders!" 
Who wouldn't like adding spiders to compose numbers to 10?
All the ways to compose sets of three:
1 spider is touching the web. 2 spiders are NOT touching the web.
1 + 2 = 3.
You can use plastic spider rings or just use paper clips. If you use spider rings, just cut off the rings. 

You can start with the lowest numbers just to get your students familiar with the academic language: "plus" and "equal".

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How It Works:

I would begin with 2, but I have photos of a lesson I recently gave on the number 3. 

So here is how it worked using the number 3: 
I placed 3 spiders in a cute Halloween treat container. You can also just use a paper cup. 

I placed my hand over the container and shook it three times. (That reinforces conserving to three.)
I did the 1st one, then I let each child have a turn. 

I spilled the spiders onto the spider web mat and together we counted the number of spiders that were touching the web
I did the 1st one, then I let each child have a turn. 

Along with me, students recorded the number of spiders that were touching the web on the first blank space on their record sheet. 
You get colored or black & white masters.
I like to print the color version on card stock and laminate them so they last forever. 

Then, they recorded the number of spiders that were not touching the web on the 2nd black space. 
2 spiders are NOT touching the web.

Last, they recorded the total number of spiders we had on the 3rd blank space.

To help them recall how to write each number, I wrote the numbers 0, 1, 2, and 3  on little tombstones, which I got @ the 99 Cent Store. They were 6 for $1. These models helped the children so much! If I saw a child struggling to write any of these numerals, I just place the tombstone in front of them so they could simply copy it. 

Hint: Write the numbers on the backs of each tombstone so it's quick and easy for you to know which tombstone to use.
Do you see the cute bone-shaped number racks we made with spider rings?
They are like Rekenreks, but we used only 3 spider rings on these.
I made a set of 6 (for use with small groups) with 3 rings, 4 rings, and 5 rings.

To facilitate total group participation, I let each child have a turn shaking the container 3 times and spilling the spiders on the web mat. (If you don't have plastic spiders or cute containers, just use small paperclips in a small paper cup.) 

I also let each child make their own counting rack. 

(You can just use a pipe cleaner with 3 pony beads laced on it. Remember to curl the ends of the pipe cleaners so they don't poke little fingers.) 
I gave the students a piece of Fun Foam cut into cute shapes like a pumpkin or a bone (you can also buy pre-cut shapes), a pipe cleaner, and 3 plastic spider rings. 
If you put 2 dots on the Fun Foam where the pipe cleaners should go, students can poke the pipe cleaner into one dot on the Fun Foam, add the spider rings, poke the other end of the pipe cleaner into the other dot on the Fun Foam, and twist the back to secure the rings. 

As we counted the number of spiders that landed on the web, we moved that number of spiders across the pipe cleaner. These hands-on tools help to make math real and so much FUN. 
Since one spider is touching the web, we moved one spider to the right on the pipe cleaner.
That left two spiders not touching the web and two spiders at the left side of the pipe cleaner. 

As students get more familiar with this process, they will be able to complete the record sheets on their own. You might also want to allow each child to have their own set of spiders in containers and mats so they can work at their own pace with you observing and guiding in a small group setting. 
All set up for my small group.
We will all share one web mat and complete our record sheets together. 

You can also set this up as a center by copying one web mat and one record sheet on card stock. Laminate them and place them at a center with spiders, a container, a dry erase pen, and a soft eraser.
I LOVE my Scotch Laminator!
Click the image of the laminator for more info.
You can just use any counters and cups, but I spent $6 at the 99 Cents store and got a cute spider bowl, a bag of spider rings, a set of 6 tombstone chalkboards, and a set of treat boxes, a set of Fun Foam shapes, and pipe cleaners to make addition extra fun. 
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Use my "Sum Spiders" all year long. Use spiders in October and then again in the spring. I'll use my other DJ Inkers Graphics to create more themes to use throughout the year, so stay tuned for more FUN with SUMS!

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