Tuesday, July 26, 2016

A New Back-to-School Craftivity & A Birthday Giveaway!

How would you like to help me celebrate my birthday with some new clipart?

I'm giving away a FREE CD of DJ Inkers' Kidillywinks! 

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You can enter via the Rafflecopter below, but first, let me tell you about this cute craft that builds mental math while your students are having FUN!

The Craftivity That's Filled With Math Skills:

All of the pieces for this "craftifity" come in black & white as well as in color.

Each student needs:
 one paper lunch bag 
one copy of the backpack
 one copy of the items to "buy" 
one copy of the receipt
crayons, scissors, & glue

I also provide extra copies of the items to buy 
just in case anyone wants to "buy" 
more than one of any of the items. 
I included black & white copies of EVERYTHING, so you don't have to use the color copies.

Students color (if they have the black & white copy), cut out, and glue a backpack to the front of the bag. Leave room at the top of the bag to fold the top down later by lining up the bottom of the backpack with the bottom of the front of the lunch bag. 
Here are the color copies, but the set comes with every image in black and white too. 

They also color (if they have the black & white copy) and cut out the items to buy. 
If you provide more than one copy of the items to buy, students may buy more than one of each item. 

In a small group setting, tell the students that they have only ten cents to purchase items. They will have to pick and choose to spend all of their money without overspending.  Note that ten cents is not enough to buy all of the items, so they will have to use their thinking skills to choose enough items to total ten cents without going over that amount. 
Click the image.

As they choose their items, they may add mentally in their heads or by making lines on a paper. You can also give them each ten plastic (or real) pennies or ten Unifix cubes to help them keep track of how much they have spent and how much money they have left. Then, they can move their counters from one side of their desk to the other as they "spend" their money. They can also subtract as they change their minds and exchange items!
Click the image.

You can help each student fill in their receipt and place their items into their backpacks to take home. 
Click the image.

My Preferred Method:

Another way to do this activity is to call two students up at a time. The 1st child "shops" while the 2nd child watches. The teacher assists with filling in the receipt. As soon as the 1st child is done, she/he gets the next child on the list and that child becomes the "watcher" while student #2 shops. 

Additional Activities:

The pieces included in this set may be used to graph the items chosen by each student.

Students may also use the labeled cards to help them write a sentence. Students may copy the words:
 "I like _______." 
"I have a ________" 
and fill in the blank with one of the words written on the labeled cards. 

You can also laminate the colored version of this set and use it as a classroom center where students choose their favorite item and write a simple sentence about it such as, "I like crayons."

Another great idea is create a "First Day of School" photo sign. Use the laminated picture cards to tape to a plane frame. Each child can be photographed holding the frame that has picture cards on it as well as a sign that says, "First Day of School."

Time For Some FREE Clipart:

Did I mention that I used DJ Inker's Kidillywink set of adorable clipart to create this product? I love how bright and colorful their clipart is and they sent me this set of over 800 graphics for FREE just so I could make a new craftivity just for you!
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a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Thank you ALL for entering!


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