Monday, April 4, 2016

It's Not Too Early To Start Planning For...

Mother's Day!

I was amazed at how cute our Mother's Day hats turned out last year.

So colorful and every one was different.
And, they were FREE.  We used colored butcher paper and the trims & craft supplies I already had in my classroom.  It's not too early to start thinking about Mother's Day!
(Scroll down for directions.)
These hats are all ready to be wrapped up for Mother's Day!

This little one is modeling the lovely blue & white hat she made for her mommy.
We made these for our Mother's Day Tea one year.
 Imagine an entire room filled with moms all wearing these hats.

My T.K. students LoVeD creating these hats for their moms.

I blogged about them before, but I wanted to share this again because these came out so much cuter than the ones in my previous blog post.  

Making The Hats:

It's a 2 to 3-day process, but you can make them all in one day, let them dry overnight and send them home the following day.   We made the hats on the first day.  We let them dry overnight.  Then, we decorated them on the 2nd day.  We wrapped them on the third day.

Day 1:

Making the hats...
Painting on the glue & water mixture.
So much fun!
Adding the 2nd piece of butcher paper
and smoothing it all out.

Forming the shape over one bowl & adding a 2nd
bowl on top.  Then we crunched up the sides.

We let the hats dry overnight.

Day 2:

Decorating the hats...
Dried hats all ready to be decorated.
Students can choose their decorations or you can
turn this into a math lesson by giving your
students 20 cents and pricing the decorations.

They loved this part the most.
I worked with 3 students at a time as they decorated their hats.
 Fun Foam stickers worked great too.
She trimmed this blue and white hat with a lavender tissue paper flower.  

Day 3:

Wrapping the hats...
Tape 2 large pieces of tissue paper together & place a hat
upside-down in the center of the tissue paper.
(I wrote the chid's name on the bottom side of the tissue paper
 so it will show on the top when we are done wrapping.
The card will eventually cover their name.)

Start folding the sides in and taping them.

Continue to fold until the hat it covered.

Flip it over.  You can see the name on top.

Here is a stack all ready for their cards
 to be placed on top.

A cute card will go on top instead of a bow.

Let me know if you have ever made hats like these or if you plan to make them this year. :)


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