Sunday, March 6, 2016

So Cal FUN: Kindergarten Teachers Learning, Laughing, & Loving What They Do!

It All Happened at The SoCal Kinder Conference:

I had such a GREAT time connecting with teachers at the So CA Kindergarten Conference in Pasadena this weekend. I not only got to present on "Keeping Play In Your Kindergarten Day" and "Make Every TK & K Kid a Writer" but I got to have an exhibit booth where teachers could buy my FUN templates.

I also got to participate in the Blogger Bash where participants got to meet bloggers as we moved from table to table. 
Heidi, Shannon, & Renee.

Kelley, Michelle, & Deborah.

Katie, Fran, & Sandy.

Sandy, Palma (me), & Heidi.

Betty Jo, Shannon, and I were photo bombed! :)

I also sang my little parody about the importance of "play" in your school day.
It goes like this and it is to the tune of The Battle Hymm of the Republic:

My eyes have seen the glory 
of Kinder children at play,
It's important for kids everywhere, 
so don't take it away!
Though kindergarten's like first grade,
They even go full day,
The truth is they need play!

Glory, glory I won't stress you,
But now sit down and let me test you!
I'll give you time to play
part of every single day,
Because you're only five!!!
We really don't need a
larger photo, right? :)
We all know that I can't hold a tune, but I just think this message is so very important to share that I'm willing to put myself out there and, much like Lucy, I just sang my heart out! 

I also asked the participants to consider that the very people who are trying so desperately to remove the home center, the painting easel, and the "play" from kindergarten are the very people who not only got to play when they were in kindergarten, but that was just about ALL they did when they were in kindergarten! OK, I'll get off of my soapbox now. 

I want to extend a HUGE "thank you" to my husband who took care of my booth while I presented on Friday and to Lauren who took care of my booth while I presented on Saturday. I can't do this without their love and support! 

And a HUGE "thank you" to Sandy from Show And Tell Aprons who donated an apron which I was able to give away at one of my sessions and to ESGI who donated several one-year subscriptions for me to give away too! I LOVE all of my Show & Tell Aprons AND ESGI!!!
Click the image to see more aprons.

She even makes a tu-tu apron!Click the image.
Click the image!

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ESGI is my hero! It has saved me so many hours!
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Anyway, if you were at the So Cal Kinder Conference, leave a comment and me know if how you liked it. 

Did you catch any of my sessions or the sessions of my friends: Shannon Samulski, Heidi Butkus, Shari Sloane, Katie Knight, Kelley Doling, Fran Kramer, Keri Bordelon, Lindsay Messner, Renee Dooly, Joyce Buehler, Betty Jo Evers, & The Kinder League (Yisel, Cindy, & Cessy).

When the busy week was over we could all say, "A good time was had by all!"
Two of our SCKC volunteers who make this entire conference happen! 


  1. It was so great to see you Palma! I always love chatting with you, although I didn't get much time to chat at this conference. I have to leave early Saturday. We'll have to catch up in Vegas!

    1. Yes, "I Teach 1st" will be so much FUN! :) Looking forward to seeing you there, Renee!