Monday, September 14, 2015

How To Be A Superhero Teacher: Win this $2000 Prize for your Team!

Let's Face It...

... kids are stressed! They are expected to do so much more than ever before and they are tested beyond belief! That is why I have made it my mission, my goal, my life's quest (OK, Palma, calm down) to share tips and techniques that make learning FUN, meaningful, reduce classroom stress, and help teachers to provide the data necessary to drive instruction and make their administrators happy.

So, how do we achieve this?

If you have been following my blog, you have surely picked up a few tips and techniques along the way to make your lessons fun and meaningful without turning the teacher into a Pinterest groupie.  "But what about the testing?" you ask. Well, here is my secret weapon...

Making Testing FUN:

The best way I have found to make testing FUN, (yes, I said FUN), is to test on a computer, laptop, or tablet with ESGI. When I first saw ESGI years ago at a conference and I discovered that you can create your own custom tests, my eyes got as big as saucers!

Sure, you can use the wonderful built-in tests that ESGI and "Friends of ESGI" have made (I'm one of the friends and I created T.K. assessments). But getting to create my own tests allowed me to test the letter names and sounds in the order I taught them in and I was even able to create trimester tests! 

The Best Things About ESGI:

1. My kids beg to be tested ("Please, can you test me next?")

2. The data is so helpful for creating my RTI groups, driving instruction, and reporting to both parents and administrators. (We also use it for team planning as we look for student needs and trends while planning new lessons.)

3. The parent letters and flashcards save me oodles of hours each week. (Before, I would study the test results and handwrite individualized flashcards for EACH student. Now, I just click "print flashcards".)

AND... as an added bonus, you get a very useful parent conferencing tool that helps you to easily schedule parent conferences and helps keep you super organized.

Now, you can win a FREE year!

I'm giving away one FREE year of ESGI for up to TEN TEACHERS on your team! Yep, you heard that right! That's a $2000 value!  

An ENTIRE TEAM of teachers at your grade level
can win one FREE year by entering my Rafflecoptor.
Sign up for your 60-day FREE trial & enter the code B2174.
No credit card # required. 
Existing ESGI customers:
 just enter your user name for a chance to win 
an entire year, up to 10 licenses, for your grade level.

This give-away is over.
The winner is:
Ashley Sharp!

Fear not:

If you don't win, you still get to try out ESGI for FREE for 60 days, but wait, it gets better.

Click the icon to sign up for FREE.(No credit card required.)

If you remember to enter the code: B2174 when you sign up for your free trial, you will automatically get $40 off of your first year with ESGI!  You heard that right, $40 off!

So you can go ahead and enter through the Rafflecopter and sign up for your FREE trial now, enter the code, and give it whirl. Your administrators will love it, your fellow teachers will want to know how you are able to save yourself so much time each week (and just imagine how thrilled they will be if you win a 10-license package for your team!), and your students will be begging you to be tested. Trust me, I have used ESGI for years now and it was the BEST thing I ever did!


  1. "With ESGI, I'll save hours and hours each week!"

  2. With ESGI, I'll save MANY hours each week!

  3. ESGI saves me many hour each week and my team uses it to group our kids for RTI leveled instruction. It is amazing and I can't imagine doing without it! They have great customer support and are constantly improving it by adding features that make my job less stressful!

  4. Palma I would love this for my teaching partner! This is awesome.

  5. With ESGI, I will save TONS of hours each week!!

  6. With ESGI, I will save numerous hours each week... not to mention my sanity! I tried the trial version towards the end of last year and loved it! I would love to be able to share this awesomeness with my team! Thanks for this opportunity, Palma!

  7. With ESGI, I'll save so many valuable hours each week!
    The Chalkboard Garden

  8. With ESGI, I will save oodles of hours each week!!

  9. I am passionate about ESGI. I have never felt more on top of assessments.

  10. My kindergarten bestie Chelsea Alford has ESGI and LOVES it! Hope I can win a chance to enjoy the sweet joys of time saving assessment with ESGI!

  11. My kindergarten bestie Chelsea Alford has ESGI and LOVES it! Hope I can win a chance to enjoy the sweet joys of time saving assessment with ESGI!

  12. Today wasn't first day using the trial with ESGI. I'm in love!!!! Hope to have it forever!

  13. ESGI saves me time and I always have assessments at home and school