Thursday, January 8, 2015

Here is a GREAT Throwback Thursday Post That Was Super Popular

Click Here to uncover a great "Post From The Past" and learn how your students can gain
conceptual understanding while composing numbers to ten with this FUN activity:

Click on the image to find out how your students can learn how to compose numbers to 10 with Pattern Blocks.

Then, head on over to the California Kindergarten Association's Annual Conference, PK1, and sign up for my pre-conference workshop called, "Phonics, Sight Words, And Writing, OH MY!"  It's almost full, so hurry and save your space.

I'll be presenting with Sarah for our very last time (I'm so sad), so you won't want to miss this presentation on Jan. 16 in Santa Clara, CA.  We have tons of prizes to give away too!

Click Here to get more info and register.

Or click on the image above for more info.


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