Saturday, February 15, 2014

Winter Fun With Numbers, Tons of FREEBIES & A Great Give-Away!

Super Easy Common Core Math:

Compose and decompose numbers easily and get the conversation going about "how you knew" how many bears there were in the cave.
Use Teddy Bear Counters and styrofoam bowls.

This is how:

Make caves by cutting a hole in the side of a styrofoam bowl.  Make enough for a small group.

Teacher:  I show a number card (I print the song lyrics from Heidi's Songs on the back of each number card.  Laminate the card, add a tongue depressed, and then even a sub can use these cards to teach the lesson!).  
I used my Cricket machine to die cut the numbers and scrapbook paper for the background.

I tell the students to take out X number of bears (the number on the card).  
And put X number on top of the cave.  
Put the rest of the bears inside the cave.  
Then ask:  How many bears do you think are in the cave.

Students:  Tell you how many they think are inside the cave.

Teacher:  Let's look (direct students to place their hand on top of the bears that are on the cave and lift the bowl and see how many are inside the cave.  
Ask:  How did you know there were _____ inside the cave?

Students:  Possible responses:  "I counted them",  "I subtitized"  (Yes, my kids use this word :oD),  "I just knew".  It is important to have this discussion.

Try another amount of bears on top of the cave and have them "guess and then check" how many bears are inside the cave.  

And To Promote Subitizing...

I made these cards out of black tag board and water bottle caps.
I arranged them to look like the dots on a die so students can learn how to subtilize (instantly recognize the number of items in a set) using familiar patterns.

Our Addition & Subtraction Bundle:

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One More Thing:

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See you all tomorrow!
Palma :)

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