Wednesday, January 29, 2014

It's Spring In Room 1 Plus The Final Days of Our Give-Away!

It Might Be Winter, But It's Spring In Room 1:

Observing the buds on almond branches.

I cut a few branches from some local almond trees about 2 weeks ago and placed them in a vase of water in our classroom.  
Tiny buds filled these winter branches.  We placed them in the window to get some sun.

The warmer temperature inside tricked the buds on the branches into thinking it is Spring!

The students loved looking at the tiny buds up close with a magnifying glass.
My students were so excited to see that the buds have popped open!
On Monday morning the children were so excited to see the buds blooming!

We now have beautiful pink flowers in our classroom.
Discovering the seasons!
We "Forced Spring" to arrive in room 1.  :)
Our Discovery Center 

Here is the Info On A Chance To Win Our Give-Away:

Remember to enter our Give-Away for a FREE registration to The Southern California Kindergarten Conference on Feb. 28- March 1.  

And Sign Up To Attend Our very first BLOGGER BASH!!! (Conference attendance is not required to attend the Bloggers' Bash, but if you do attend the conference, you'll get to see presentations from your favorite bloggers!)

Dinner, Freebies,  Prizes, & FUN!

Come meet your favorite bloggers and enjoy an evening of food, prizes and fun! 
Each attendee will receive a fabulous dinner, a goodie bag {full of freebies!!!}, 
and a raffle ticket to enter for some amazing prizes! 

We will have a short little blogger presentation 
and then the rest of the time will be for chatting and asking questions! 
You can purchase your Blogger Bash ticket for only $25 {here} 
or call (661)297-6900 to reserve your seat!

Are you excited yet??! 
How about a chance to WIN a FREE registration to the two-day conference?! 
Well, it's your lucky day! 
SCKC has generously allowed us to giveaway one free registration to the conference! 
Enter using the rafflecopter below! 
The giveaway will end on February 1st and the winner will be announced shortly after!

Spread The Word Before It Sells Out!

Print this flyer and hand it out to your fellow early childhood education teachers
A very special thanks to our sponsors!

See you all tomorrow!
Palma :)


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